Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Campaign
To Raise The Public's Awareness of D.V.T

DVT Awareness Campaign

The idea for this website came about when I was diagnosed with a Deep Vein Thrombosis, and realised that, although there is a lot of information on the web about the condition itself there is not a website which can answer all the questions that you may have regarding your condition. When I was first diagnosed I spent hours trying to find out about DVT and decided that it would be so much easier if all that information was on one website.

When I was first diagnosed with a DVT, I felt very different, if that is the right word? Everyone I spoke to had heard of DVT, but all I kept on hearing was that I was the first person they knew who had been diagnosed with it. If you are reading this page, because you have a DVT, you will know exactly what I mean. (My Story is under About Us, My DVT Experience)

Five months after I was diagnosed I discovered that my cousin had also suffered with DVT. We spent two hours on the phone just talking about the condition and knowing that it wasn't only me, helped so much. There is a certain pain with DVT that unless you've been through it you don't really grasp, and after five month of not being able to walk properly, discovering someone else who had been through it made it easier.

My thought then was that not everyone is as unlucky (Family History) or lucky (to share) to have someone to talk about DVT with, so I decided to set up a website, not only to explain what DVT is but so that other people could share their experiences with the condition.

So I hope this Website helps in some way to either explain what you may have, what you have been diagnosed with or that you are not alone, DVT is more common than you think.

Now a group on Facebook - DVT Awareness Campaign Group