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News and Events

We will try to keep this page updated with the latest news and events into my own DVT experience and to medical research relating to DVT.

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My Experience Updates

4th May 2007 – Really sad I know, but for my birthday, I’ve bought myself the Roche Diagnostics™ Coaguchek XS® self monitoring INR kit. New gadget!! What a sense of freedom, no more trips to the doctor’s every month, to have my INR checked. I can now fly with the complete confidence of knowing what my INR is before, during and after I fly.  

24th August 2007 - First Flight over 4 hours of 5 hours and 5 minutes to Egypt with Thomas Cook, who were brilliant, they provided me with extra leg room bulk head seats and even wanted to escort me on to the flight. Great Service, no issues at all.

7th October 2007 - Flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. 4 hours and 55 minutes with El Al, who will only provide you with extra legroom if you have a 'Club David' card. Work had to upgrade me to Business Class to ensure I had enough legroom. Refused to take DVT seriously even with my doctor's letter explaining the situation. I won't be flying with them again.

18th November 2007 - Flight to Havana, Cuba, 9 hours 15 minutes. Virgin Atlantic at Gatwick said I couldn't have extra legroom seats due to my 'Medical Condition'. Although they did allocate two seas at the back of the flight with the extra room to the side, but for my first flight of that length I was not impressed!! However on the return flight the Virgin staff were excellent, we had be allocated the same seats as on the way out but once they had seen my doctor's letter, they moved us into extra leg room bulk head seats.

Hope this helps for when you consider making that first flight after diagnosis!!! 

24th January 2009 – We have since been away twice and each time, flown long haul, with each flight scheduled to be roughly 8 and a half hours. The really test for me came when our flight had to make a detour and instead of being just under 9 hours ended up being 14 hours from takeoff in Tobago to landing in Gatwick. Looking back I can’t say I handled it well. At one point I was convinced I had another clot and had to self inject with Clexane and on landing realised that my flight socks had tightened over the 14 hours. Not the nicest of experiences, but at least I know it can be done!!!

Even though I know I’m the safest person in the air, when it comes to risk factors for DVT, I don’t think mental scar will ever be completely overcome, although it won’t stop me from flying, there is a whole world out there.

Medical Research Updates

September 2008 – NICE have approve the use of Dabigatran Etexilate (PRADAXA® – Boehringer Ingelheim) as a possible treatment to reduce the risk of venous thromboembolism in adults who have surgery to replace their hip or knee joint.