Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Campaign
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Prevention of DVT
Prevention of DVT

Awareness of DVT is the best way to prevent this condition. Medical professionals have recognised DVT for almost 2 centuries, but until recently, only a small number of people were informed about the disease. Without knowledge of DVT as a medical problem, the public cannot engage healthcare providers to discuss lifestyle changes and more intensive measures that usually succeed in preventing this illness.

Prevention whilst Flying:- This is applicable to all long journeys, and when sitting for long periods at work.  

·          Do not take excessive alcohol as alcohol can cause dehydration and immobility

·          Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration

·          Exercise your calf and foot muscles regularly:

o        Every half hour or so, bend and straighten your legs, feet and toes when you are seated.

o        Press the balls of your feet down hard against the floor or footrest every so often. This helps to increase the blood flow in your legs

o        Take a walk up and down the aisle every hour or so, when the aircraft crew say it is safe to do so.

o        If you are allowed, get off the plane and walk about if the plane stops for refuelling.

·          Consider wearing compression stockings

o        The slight pressure from the stocking helps to prevent blood 'pooling' in the calf. Stockings do not replace the need for regular exercises. They are in addition to exercises.

·          Some people at high risk may also be advised to take anticoagulant medication

o        If you think you are at high risk, for example

§          With family history

§          Previous DVT or PE

§          Major Surgery in the last three months

§          Have cancer or treatment for cancer I the past

§          Had a stroke

o        Contact your doctor before you fly to discuss your risk and options.

Prevention after Surgery:-  

·          After surgery, get up and moving as quickly as possible.

·          If you are unable to get up, flex your ankles and toes.